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My Work

I depict personal thoughts and feelings through my “gentle giant” paintings, or, more specifically, bovine subjects. They are sort of self-portraits as I am the main animal, and in recent works I have been focusing on the adventure of parenting.


This topic is a timeless one, in which our common stories are the same and yet vastly different.  I have always been creatively driven by the idea of chaotic order, and found parenting has brought me the closest to this oxymoron.  I strive to depict these feelings of mixed emotions by having juxtaposed concepts and subjects, sometimes in seemingly traditional imagery.


The commonality of topics are chosen for the viewers connection, but also for my own.  I want to relate with others and share our beautiful, messy, hilarious, frustrating and transformative moment stories. However banal the overall topic, the memory or thoughts that drove the paintings was not simple.


I want the viewer to connect with the initial story or feeling and then reflect on their personal moments further. As if the stories/feelings have their own multiverse. Each one being exceedingly normal as well as exceptionally special.

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