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2020. Enough said, right?

I have to admit, We were very fortunate during the pandemic. Our house had steady income, working from home options, family to quarantine with, and health. The most stressful part was being pregnant during it all. 

For us it really hit hard a year later, with a new born, continued social and political issues, economy struggles, and continued pandemic strains. My husband and I were constantly overwhelmed.  It really felt like we were always in water struggling to tread our way through. A few years later, I still feel this way here and there. Perhaps it is all part of parenthood or even adulthood.  Fortunately I am not alone during my struggles, but it can feel that way sometimes.  Even though you have the strength to tread through, hopes of having a life preserver tossed creep in. One more paddle, one more day, and then the light breaks and you get back to shallow water. 

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