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Becoming a parent has been quite the adventure, and though I am still a young one there really isn’t anything (so far) like the days of nursing.


A lot of it is beautiful beyond words, and another part has been very gross and difficult.  Things I thought would be peaceful, such the breast feeding, was arduous and inconvenient.  Other things I thought would be hard, like sleep training, was fine. 


Since my first born, we have had a lot of transition and change happen. So, this series is not only trying to depict feelings of parenthood but RJ and I’s changes during those first five years in which all of our children were born. Some of the emotions I touch on are: quitting my beloved full-time position at the Bechtler Museum of Modern Art to be a homemaker, moving to 3 different states, making 7 places in 4 years my family’s home, renovating 3 houses (2 of which I was pregnant for), and the list goes on and on.


Though I see myself more as the highland cattle bread, I used dairy breeds as my subject matter. Obviously, for the parallel of me nursing and feelings like a milk heifer. 

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