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So awkward.  I love the way pregnant mammals look!


I enjoyed and disliked being pregnant. It was a conundrum to feel so happy and yet so uncomfortable.  It really did feel like my body was inhabited every single pregnancy. You just don’t get use to it. That first kick, so soft. Last kicks, so painful. 


I remember my first pregnancy, in the first trimester, I was installing an exhibit at the Bechtler and felt so tired and sore.  I was being quite dramatic holding my mini belly and grunting to bend over.  A big part of it was vanity, wanting everyone to know I was knocked up, but my ego really took the hit third trimester. The cars next to mine were parked so close my belly couldn’t fit through the side doors, and I had to crawl in through my hatchback trunk.  That’s the image though! Just a big happy beached whale.

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