I have a minor in painting but my college major is fibers arts.  My favorite thing to do in this wide media is screen print repeat patterns, but my second fiber joy is crocheting.  One of the best things about the fiber arts is your material options are virtually endless. There is so much one can do, printing, dying, repeat pattern design, crochet, knitting, macrame, weaving, felting, quilting and so much more.

Fiber art is wonderful not only for it’s material diversity but that it can be commercial/multiples or one of a kind/fine art.  My crocheted wrestlers definitely fall into the fine art realm, but I’d like to think some of my repeat patters could be either.  I spend so much time and detail in some of the motifs that they don’t lend themselves to fast production.  These days my fiber work is more commission driven, and all over the board because of it.

Sex stereotypes are in every cultural facet to a somewhat humorous point. Though we are evolving and becoming more open in our sex outlooks, society is more confused than ever. Boys are raised to be ‘masculine’ (strong, provide, seed) and girls to be ‘feminine’ (delicate, maternal, bare), but we have stay-at-home dads and women who choose not to wed or have children. Male and female roles in society are altering. As adults we are less confused on what role we want to play, but that is only because we’ve gone through the strife.  Using a "child’s" toy exposes and recognizes the confusion and pain kids go through on the path to being themselves masculine and/or feminine.